Friday, June 3, 2011

3 weeks and counting

Yes you read it right. Three weeks and counting until Peewee, Wooley, Billy, and I leave Greensboro for a ride lasting throughout the weekend. The Blistered Bottoms ride and camping trip will take us into and out of Virginia, Tennessee and of course North Carolina. In this inaugural year, I expect the road tripping to be very casual and informal. Much less organized than many big rides out there and that is at least part of the draw for me. It would be nice to see it turn into something bigger every year to a point but once you start having a large group of people things start to loose their intimacy. Comraderie and relaxation are the two biggest things this trip has the potential to give and I think as long as all major surprises are avoided we should find both of them.

Packing for the trip had already started many weeks ago but I had to unpack the tool roll to fix my generator. I still haven't decided what all to take but I do know both my saddle bags and my backpack will all be lined with plastic trash bags to ensure that all my clothes and belongings stay dry. As I repack the tool roll (ammo box really) I will inventory the tools with my checklist that I made the first time I did it. That way I don't leave out the one thing I will need should something go awry. I still need to acquire some sort of rain gear but finding something that won't melt to my pipes is proving to be a challenge. I think also I may just pack the clothing needed for the two days but throw in my sneakers in case the boots get a rain storm in them. Pants, T-shirts, socks, under garments will be the wardrobe I think since I want to be comfortable and T-shirts and jeans are where I live. I'm still considering throwing in a hoodie since we will be sleeping under the stars in the mountains even though it will be late June. Mountain weather, ya never know. The bed roll, sleeping bag or blanket? Probably the bag. If it gets cool I can get inside and if not I'll sleep on top of it. The pillow will probably not make the trip though. I can use my pack for that. Even though this trip will be about getting away, I still have to stay connected to the family because of the kids so the Blackberry will go as well. Good thing I installed that 12v power outlet under the seat.

Well that's enough dribble for now. 3 weeks and counting!!!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Stupid software incompatability issues

They say that computers are only as smart as the programmers. If that's true then the guy that wrote the software for this blog must be a "C" student. I finally figured out how to post comments again. For the last two weeks or more I just couldn't get my comments to post. I would type out what I wanted to say, hit post and it would just take me to the log in screen. I would log in again and the whole process would just start over. Well tonight, thanks to "Bacon" my daughter's pet Vietnamese potbellied pig, I had to sign back into my account instead of just clicking on the favorites link I had saved. Viola, I can now post comments. Apparently the "Remember me" option at sign in was causing a problem that was keeping the program from doing just that. Now if I could just remember my Photobucket password.