Thursday, March 29, 2012

An ass out of you and me

Why is it that as humans we always assume the worst?

All winter long, all WARM winter long, I have put off fixing "Big Ticket" assuming it was in need of a stater solenoid. Not the most expensive part of the bike for sure but 50 bucks is 50 bucks. Since I had no plans to ride over the winter that money had better places to be.

So tonight, after 12hrs on the job, I came home determined to stay busy since I am on call tonight. I knew if I sat down I would be tired in no time flat. I toyed around with the jeep while letting the battery in the bike charge a little. Just before going in the house I went into the building to see if  I could jump the solenoid and at least start her up for the first time since October or so. Well due to the genius minds at Harley Davidson in the 70's, the solenoid is damn near impossible to get to with that rear exhaust pipe still on. Anyhow, "Big Ticket" has a starter button on the top tree for easy access when things are working right so I decided to just try it for the heck of it and it made a tiny noise at the starter. AH HA!! The solenoid is fine. I jumped the starter button and "Big Ticket" spun over a few times and roared to life momentarily. So it turns out that because I am not only a cheap skate but also a procrastinator that I have saved myself 50 bucks and quite a bit of heartache. As for my assumption of the problem, when you assume you make .......

Monday, March 26, 2012

I'm Back!!!

Well it has sure been a while since I put my musings to the world. Last posted August 6th? Yep, quite a while indeed.

So how has the world been without me? Just as screwed up as ever I see, maybe even a little worse. It is an election year after all. Ahh, elections. A process that sounds good in theory yet never seems to materialize as it should. As the days pass and the race gets closer the candidates abandon all their morals and standards just to discredit the opposition's campaign and drag their personal lives through the media mud. It's a wonder anyone even bothers to vote considering the choices we have. Strange how it comes down to just a matter of "the lesser of two evils". Not quite what our forefathers had in mind I would imagine. Lord help us.

So let's see, the price of fuel is up. No surprise there. What does surprise me is that somehow everyone seems to think there is some easy fix for it. The only way I see a reduction in price is if the rest of the world suddenly quits becoming increasingly dependent on it. Laws of supply and demand.

Reality TV is still running amok. I personally thought that it would have run it's course by now but apparently the masses can't get enough of the mind numbing, "unscripted" acting. My only "reality" show addiction is American Idol and it too is beginning to wane on me. "All good things..." I guess.

The job is doing good I guess. I find it best not to complain as it could always be worse. I like what I do and my 55-65hr weeks provide the necessary finances to pay the bills as well as pay the ones that are behind. We still aren't ahead of the game (I wonder if we ever will be) but we are catching up.

My driveway has adopted a Jeep Wrangler. More open air travel except this thing holds the family. Now to get the motorscooter back on the road and legal.