Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sweet 16

Yesterday my daughter turned sixteen and today she passed her driving test. Having gone through this with my eldest son two years ago sort of prepared me for the day. Sort of.

The moment she left the yard to drive herself to school for the first time, the pride I felt had to battle the fear for control of my emotions.

For me that day has been many years ago now but I remember it vividly. I know one day she will as well.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Shooting my mouth off

You know it really shouldn't surprise me but it does. How can people living in a free nation, a nation built on freedoms and rights that are unamiable, how can they be so willing to trample the very document that gives them the right to do so? The 2nd amendment of uor US Constitution affords every individual the right to keep and bear arms. I understand that 200 yrs ago the country was a different place but the reasons behind that simple clause still exist. We were not given this right. Many men died for it. Many men fought a war against a greater, more powerful army and won. Those men didn't fight and die so can huntor defend our homes from criminals. They died so we can defend our very way of life from a tyriness government. That is the reason we have a second amendment.

Now, now we have people inside our own country, our own friends and leaders that are willing to give up that right just to feel safer. Not be safer, feel safer. I realize that I live in a corrupt world with a population over run with lazy, tender, immoral people but I will not waiver on my position here.

"Those that would sacrifice a little liberty for a little safety, deserve neither liberty or safety." Benjamin Franklin

Protect your rights people, once you lose them they are gone for good. And don't think it can't happen. It has happened in other places they thought it couldn't too.

For all of you that are for restricting my rights, I leave you with this.
If we ever lose the 2nd amendment, how will you defend the rest of them.

"To take over a nation, first disarm it's people." Adolph Hitler

Friday, April 19, 2013

Change of face

Well today while waiting for the monsoon I took those ugly ass Saddleman saddlebags off of my Sportster. Since they are bolt on, the rear turn signals have to be relocated to behind the bags. This isn't a problem since the bags come with plastic brackets to remount them onto. The problem with that is all the rear bolts have to be taken out to do the job. I had to remove two bolts from each bag. The same two that hold the sissybar and rack. The same two that also hold the fender to the frame. Done and done. Time to put the lights back on. Not so fast. The wires are threaded through the bag and I had to remove the plug from the wires. That by the way requires removing the tail light. Ok, now I'm ready. NOPE. Even lifting the fender as high as it will go doesn't give me enough clearence to install the 3.5" bolts without hitting the tire. Damn it! So I loosen the axel and belt adjusters and push the tire forward. Finally they go on. Much easier to put it back together.

Now what to do with the bags?

Monday, April 15, 2013

Virginia is for...

Well this installment of the Random Thoughts is coming to you from Christiansburg Va. Work has me out of town for couple of days. Virginia is for lovers or so they say. For me it's all work. I used to work here every single day, back when there was more money involved and my back was younger. Two years ago I, along with a few others spent some time here just enjoying the beautiful countryside. Plans are to revisit that idea again this year. For now, I just want to go home. I hate hotels.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Hey bud. Get in contact with me. let's do another weekend ride.