Sunday, March 31, 2013

Well it's been a year since I posted anything here, time to catch up.

Firsth of all, Happy Easter everyone. Jesus loves you.

In the past year I have been back to work and I'm still broke as a convict, thank you family.

 Our son Matthew has obtain his first real job. It's part time and he makes minimum wage but it's steady and he enjoys it. He makes his gas money and a little to spend on girls and what-not, for the rest of his needs we provide. He's still in school and an "A-B" student so we don't mind. I think he's looking at a junior college to start and transfer out. Hard to believe he'll be a Senior next year.

 The daughter got her learner's permit. She's doing well and getting better as a new driver. Come April 30th she'll be ready for the road test and hopefully safely running about town and country with the freedom all 16 year olds should enjoy. Her mother and I bought her car as we did with our eldest so all she needs to do is continue to be the "A" student/athlete she is and concentrate on prepping for college.

 Little man has entered middle school and is doing fine. The ADHA tends to play a role from time to time but we keep it at bay most of the time and his school work reflects it for the most part.

The wife and I celebrated out 18th anniversary in October. Still happy and WAY more appreciative of each other than where we stood when it started. Love you Tonya.

I have a new bike (finally). I lucked out and found a 2003 with VERY low miles and worked a deal where the bike is mine free and clear. Economy be damned, the bike is mine and it's not going anywhere. As fate would have it, out of the blue Peewee called the day after I got it and asked when we were going to go on another riding/camping trip like the one Billy, Wooley, and us took a couple years ago. I'm ready, well as soon as the tag office opens I'll be ready.