Saturday, May 11, 2013

The best a man can get.

This sentance was a marketing masterpiece for Gilette for as far back as I can remember. Now while I personally disagree with this in most of their product line, I can honestly say that there disposable razors fit that bill. My normal male grooming routine (my face) really couldn't care what brand blade cuts away the shag as long as the job is done. My newly revisited hairstyle on the otherhand misses the smooth gliding comfort of their design. I'm sure Bic makes a fine ball point pen and a quality cigarette lighter but their razors will no longer be welcome on my scalp once the current supply is gone. They cut fine but have nearly no glide. Infact, in my opinion they are only one step above an angry Apache with a bone handle knife. I did manage to accomplish my touchup with only the smallest of incidents but I fear the next rondevous as the blades have now been used and have even less chance of cutting only the hair.

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