Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Federal "not so" Express

So I bought a new helmet on the 3rd, it shipped out on the 4th, and a few days later when it got here I didn't like it. So using the good ol' USPS Priority Mail I returned it to Pamona CA on the 7th. The helmet was received on the10th and on the 11th my refund was in my Paypal account. After work on the 11th I bought a different helmet from a different seller. My "new" new helmet was shipped out via Fedex on the following day, the 12th. I know this because the seller was gracious enough to  provide me with a tracking number. As of this very moment my helmet has still not arrived. Today is the 19th. 7 days? 7 days from California by a company with the word "express" in their name? And the thing that really confuses me is that, per the tracking number, my helmet spent a whole day in Charlotte going from one Fedex hub to another. I will most likely end up sending Fedex a charming little email expressing my displeasure with their less than speedy service. Will it fall on deaf ears? Probably but I'll feel better. Rest assured that, while I have always prefered the post office over independant contractors, I am now thoroughly convinced that I will always use the postal system for my own shipping needs.

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