Wednesday, June 5, 2013

When it rains....

Broke as usual and going backwards. Last week the dryer quits and luckily the damage was only $30. Money I didn't want to spend but at least I had it. Yesterday my wife says "The truck won't go faster than 35." Today after work I determine that I now need a new transmission. Fucking awesome!!! And it gets better. My transmission guy tells me the rebuild of mine is like $800 just for parts. I have to call him tomorrow to see if he can find me a used one cheaper than rebuilding. It's a transmission damn it, not a whole car. The sad part is that if I sold the truck as is, it wouldn't bring much more than enough to buy the new transmission. Like a rock my ass.

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  1. Been through the string of bad luck myself but turned out not to be my trucks clutch but the rearend bearings instead. About the same cost though. I have 306,000 + miles still going on the original clutch in my F150. The cost of trans rebuilds is pretty ridiculous isn't it.
    Before you pull the tranny thogh you just might want to be sure it's not the catalytic convertor, if those go bad and get plugged it will really pull the power down. I have a friend in the auto salvage business if you need some price checks. All I need is the truck info.